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Audree Connects

Let us help you connect

Audree Connects offers end-to-end managed IT solutions through integrated services — increasing employee productivity, optimizing system performance and advancing measurable infrastructure ROI.

Why choose us


We are aware of your valuable time and determined to resolve the problem quickly. We think time is very important part of life.


We are committed to the highest care to your needs. And we build relationships with clients through our valuable guest, friendly behaviour.

Best Products

We provide the most innovative products for the the best solution. We consult with our clients to find exactly what they need and offer the most innovative products.

What We Do Best

Cyber Security

You focus on your business and let us worry about security. From antivirus and malware protection to security policies, we think about security so you don’t have to.


We assess your security with our deep security audit focusing on hardware, cloud, physical security, retention, policy with simple, effective security practices.


We offer network automation that integrates your technologies with the operational processes of your business to create smart, personalized automation policies.

Our latest Products

Server Storage Virtualization

With our expertise in virtualization software and hardware required for successful implementations, Audree is able to provide complete end-to-end solutions.​

Data Centre Infrastructure

With a vendor-independent approach, Audree reviews your specific environment and find the best infrastructure solutions for your data center.​

Enterprise Backup

Audree's backup solutions provide scalability and ease of customization that fits exact requirements – while cutting costs by up to ten times.​

Network Automation

Audree can deliver time back from time-consuming, repetitive network configuration tasks so you can focus on the innovation your business needs.​



“Security concerns are now a thing of the past with all employees efficiently functioning with Audree firewall solutions. All our company organs and departments now benefit from time saved by replacing complicated applications and unreliable devices with Audree’s easy-to-use yet innovative automated network security.”

Nurujjaman Sarker
Supply Chain Management
Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd

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