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About Audree Connects

Technology today is complicated and constantly changing, yet comes with no instruction manual. Audree Connects aims to fix this by providing personal, expert IT support and beautiful, hand crafted solutions.


Is to build a long-term relationship with our customers by understanding what they need and to grow as their company expands, providing solutions necessary for business continuity.


To provide products and services that work base on the customers’ unique requirements and to deliver what we promised on time.

Audree Connects is made up with few enthusiastic Business & IT specialists who understand the needs for the businesses. We would like to embrace the customer’s IT requirements and help companies across all verticals to achieve their business objectives by lowering cost and maximizing the performance.

We have extensive IoT solution. 

Farming IoT: IoT has revolutionized farming in a number of ways, including through the use of moisture sensors. By installing an array of moisture sensors across their fields, farmers are now able to receive more accurate data to predict when to irrigate their crops. IoT can also be taken a step further in this use case, where moisture sensors are connected to IoT applications controlling the irrigation machinery itself, automatically triggering irrigation based on sensor data, all without the need for human intervention.

Logistics and transportation IoT: One of the first implementations of IoT in the logistics and transportation industry involved labelling shipping containers with radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices. These simple labels store digital data that can be captured by a reader through radio waves as long as the RFID is within a certain distance of a reader. At first, this allowed logistics companies to track when containers arrived at certain checkpoints where RFID readers were installed, like a warehouse or shipping yard. Advancements in IoT have now led to battery-powered smart tracking devices to replace RFID, though. These devices can transmit data continuously to IoT applications without the need for on-site readers, meaning companies can analyze real-time data for a shipment across every stretch of the supply chain.

We also provide security solution through Sophos

Sophos makes enterprise-grade security that works for small and mid-sized businesses. Providing sophisticated protection with simple management, Sophos Endpoint Protection is ideal for under-resourced organizations.

Sophos work via a 3 step process of preventing, detecting and responding.

They offer a full range of products bespoke to the threats of the days and can ensure your company stays compliant and protected.