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IoT Services

Leverage Our IoT Expertise to Your Benefit

Adopting IoT can cause major impacts on your business’ architecture, standards, security and business models. Most companies need an industry expert by their side to be successful.

Audree Connects helps companies adopt IoT strategy and technology – and we’re also part of the groups helping to shape emerging global IoT standards.

Our advisory services ensure companies have the latest IoT info and educational resources to profit from the booming IoT market. Avnet can help you vet, understand and articulate how IoT can benefit the bottom line.


Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT involves collecting and analyzing sensor-generated data to support equipment monitoring and maintenance, production process analytics and control, and more.

Medical IoT

Medical IoT facilitates monitoring patient health state and tracking medical staff and assets through the network of smart devices and sensors connected to the cloud.

Smart City IoT

Smart city system gathers and analyzes data from sensors and smart devices to enable efficient management of urban processes (e.g., transportation, lighting).

Fleet Management IoT

Fleet management software provides visibility into vehicles’ locations and operational parameters, including conditions and fuel consumption patterns, and allows gaining insight into drivers’ behavior.

IoT for Telecom

Telecoms may amplify a service portfolio with a range of IoT-enabled services in such areas as smart manufacturing, smart retail, smart city, smart home, vehicle and asset tracking, and others.

IoT for Retail

The increasing number of connected devices will give businesses valuable insights into customers’ preferences, habits, and behavior patterns, like facial recognition solution can enhance in-store experiences.

Improve Client Experience

Personalized approach

Beacons installed at the store entry inform sales assistants once a customer with a loyalty card enters a store. As the customer moves through the store, they receive individual promo codes or discount notifications based on their previous purchases.

Smart navigation

In a wider connected ecosystem, digital shopping lists can be made automatically based on the customer’s diet preferences, fitness device data and fridge stock, while smart shopping carts may analyze the lists to help customers navigate the store and find necessary products faster.

Access to product information

Customers use smartphones to scan products’ bar codes for additional information, user reviews, etc.

Smart stock replenishment

A smart fridge installed at a customer’s home analyzes the available stock and automatically schedules product delivery to the prearranged time.



“Security concerns are now a thing of the past with all employees efficiently functioning with Audree firewall solutions. All our company organs and departments now benefit from time saved by replacing complicated applications and unreliable devices with Audree’s easy-to-use yet innovative automated network security.”

Nurujjaman Sarker
Supply Chain Management
Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd