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Audree Connects

Network Automation

Network automation integrates your technologies with the operational processes of your business to create smart, personalized automation policies. The network connects applications, storage, and users, and is uniquely placed to provide deep insight from the highest levels of abstraction right down to individual workloads. The ultimate goals are reducing human error and increasing efficiency by using software controls to configure, provision, manage, and test network devices.

Why our Automation

Easy to use

Our automation can manage entire network requires only minutes, allowing for rapid deployment.


Windows, Linux or Unix supported on x86, x64 and ARM, you can deploy on any hardware you choose.

Modern & secure

Our solution uses modern technology and conforms to modern application and security principles.

Automation Tactics

On a tactical level, network automation tools are designed to facilitate automated provisioning of virtual network tenants and tasks. Thus, networking automation is a primary contributor to network orchestration, network virtualization, and software-defined networking.


Network automation is reliant on orchestration with every component of the data center. This means that if a component is changed, such as a server or storage configuration, a change will then be required on the network, as well. Network changes have to happen fast, and automatically.

Provisioning & deployment

Network automated switches eliminate the need for lengthy, manual staging. Proper images and configuration are downloaded automatically upon being turned on. Network automation makes it possible to recognize devices as they’re added and automate their set-up.

Management and operations

Network management and operations can also be automated and informed by analytics. Network automated switches should be able to automatically respond to alerts and events.